Calculating Miles Per Gallon

As the cost of gas goes up it becomes more and more important to use it more efficiently and therefore people become more interested in how much it is costing to drive a mile. It is relatively easy to calculate how many miles per gallon you are getting. Some cars actually calculate it for you as you are driving. But if yours doesn’t calculate the miles per gallon, you can easily do it yourself (although not “on the fly” as you are driving).

Calculating Miles Per Gallon

How to Calculate Miles Per Gallon

Simply fill up your gas tank (make sure it is full i.e. the pump shuts off) and write down the mileage from your odometer. Then the next time you fill up (make sure it is as full as it was the first time) and write down the number of gallons (from the gas pump) and the mileage again from your odometer.

Calculating Miles Per Gallon (mpg)

Now you have three numbers on your piece of paper, they are:

  1. Miles at the start of the tank (first fill)
  2. Miles at the end of the tank (second fill)
  3. Gallons used
The formula for calculating Miles Per Gallon is simply miles driven divided by gallons used. So to calculate the miles driven you take the miles at the end of the tank and subtract the Miles at the start of the tank, and then you divide that by the total gallons of gas used.

Here is the formula for calculating Miles per Gallon (MPG):

(end – start) = miles driven

Miles Driven / Gallons Used = MPG


The Miles per Gallon Formula is:

S= Miles at the start of the tank (when filled first)
E= Miles at the end of the tank (when refilled)
G= Gallons used
Or you can just use our Miles per Gallon Calculator

Miles Per Gallon


Enter Data Below
Enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed. Non-numeric values will cause errors.
Mileage at Start
Mileage at End
Gallons Used

Average Miles Per Gallon
If Result is negative you have reversed the end and the start mileage.


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