Calculating Average Cost of Gas Per Month

The cost of Gas and other energy is one of the major expenses we face as we live our lives in a modern world.  Therefore it makes up a significant portion of the consumer price index as calculated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For instance housing is 42.69% of our total expenditures of that 5.37% is for household energy in addition to heating and lighting our houses we spend another 5.46% on “motor fuel”.  So combined the cost of gas is 10.83% of our total monthly budget. And as the cost of gas goes up  other things we buy go up as well due to increased manufacturing and transportation costs.

Average Cost of Gas Per Month / Average Cost of Gas Per Year

You can use the following Cost of Gas calculator to estimate how much you are spending on gasoline in an average month from this it will estimate your average cost of gas per year as well.  Of course this is only one component of your energy usage it doesn’t include heating or lighting your home. But by knowing how much you spend on gas you can get a better handle on your monthly commuting expenses and your overall budget.

It will only be an estimate based on the average cost per gallon you are paying and on the number of miles you drive and of course on how many miles per gallon your car gets.  To use, enter values for the Average Cost Per Gallon of Gas, Number of Miles Driven Per Month, and the Miles Per Gallon your car gets, and click the Calculate button. Clicking the Reset button will clear entered values.

Average Cost of Gas
(Per Month and Per Year)

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Average Cost of Gas Per Month
Average Cost of Gas for a Year
Number of Gallons of Gas Used per Month
Number of Gallons of Gas Used per Year


If you’d like to see the average cost of gas in the U.S. or how gasoline prices have compared to overall inflation see  Inflation adjusted Gasoline Prices.

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