Japanese Inflation Higher than U.S- First Time Since 1978

US vs Japan inflation

Core inflation in Japan was 3.4% in May while U.S. inflation was officially,  only 2.13%. This was the fastest rise in Japanese prices since April 1982. In the 1970's inflation was bad in the U.S., but it was much worse in Japan. Every rise in U.S. inflation was multiplied in Japan, for instance, the average annual U.S. inflation rate, in 1974, was 11.04% while in Japan it was more than twice as high at 23.10%. But in 1978 a strange thing happened, Japan got its inflation under control and Japanese inflation dropped down to 4.2% while U.S. inflation remained at 7.59%. And by1979, Japanese inflation had fallen to 3.8% while U.S. inflation climbed to 11.35%. In 1980, although Japan had a … [Read more...]

US Consumer Prices Rose 0.4% in May to 2.13%


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of May today,  at 237.900 it was up sharply from April's 237.072. This resulted in monthly inflation increasing 0.35% from April to May. Thus the annual inflation rate jumped from 1.95% in April to 2.13% in May. Key gainers on a monthly basis were fruits and vegetables which gained 1.4% over the month and account for 1.352% of the total CPI index . Airfares were up a whopping 7.4% as the summer season got under way which accounts for 0.77% of the total CPI. The other major gainer was electricity which increased 4.1% and accounts for 2.832% of the index. Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs were also up … [Read more...]

Various Methods of Calculating Inflation

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Why are There So Many Different Ways to Calculate Inflation? We've all heard the old saying, "Figures don't lie but liars figure"  or perhaps "You can make numbers say anything you want".  Both of these sayings contain the underlying assumption  (or at least possibility) of malicious intent. But even if you have the raw data and  just want to get at the truth, number calculations can present difficulties because the answer you get can depend on how you analyze it. For instance, you would think that if you want to know the "average" income of a group of 10 people it would be easy to calculate. And if all the incomes are relatively closely grouped it is easy... simply add them all up and … [Read more...]

April Inflation Up Sharply as Projected

The current CPI for the month of April was 237.072 which resulted in monthly inflation being up 0.33% in the month of April causing the annual inflation rate to jump from 1.51% up to 1.95%. Last month we told you to be aware that this month's jump would be seen as a possible return to inflation and of course the main stream media and even some of our competitors fell right into that trap. USInflationCalculator for instance quoted the Wall Street Journal as saying, "Inflation may be normalizing a bit faster than we thought," the Wall Street Journal quoted Laura Rosner, U.S. economist at BNP Paribas. "It’s still too early to assume this will persist, but it certainly raises the risks of … [Read more...]

Monthly Inflation Jumps for March 2014


The current CPI for the month of March was 236.293 which resulted in monthly inflation being up 0.64% in the month of March causing the Annual inflation rate to rebound from 1.13% up to 1.51% nearly reaching January's 1.58%. And the Moore Inflation Predictor's inflation forecast is for another huge jump this month taking the inflation rate to over 2%. In other news: We are in the process of upgrading and redesigning the site in an effort to make it easier to use and as my webmaster says "more responsive" which means that if you have a tablet or even a smart phone you should be able to read it easier. If you are on a full sized screen and want to see what happens you can drag the side of … [Read more...]

Why the Fed Does Not Control Inflation and Deflation

Commodities Approaching 3 Year Low

Although we may not always agree with Steve Hochberg's conclusions the following video contains some very thought provoking ideas accompanied by some charts that you probably haven't seen anywhere else.  It's interesting to note the quadrupling of the FED's leverage over the years since 2008 and the amazing lack of inflation associated with it. Check out this excellent six-minute video clip by Elliott Wave International's Steve Hochberg... at the Orlando Money Show. Despite the Fed's leverage and its attempt to inflate throughout the economy, the deflationary pressures in the U.S. are overwhelming. Gain an Advantage Over 99% of U.S. Investors - in Just 15 MinutesYou can … [Read more...]

Is the Federal Reserve Right About Inflation?

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve The Federal Reserve serves as the Central Bank of the United States, and whether you realize it or not, it plays an active role in the lives of every American. It makes decisions about monetary policy and interest rates that have a direct impact on the market and an indirect impact on everyone. The FED uses inflation targets to determine how much they can devalue (inflate) the currency. Many people believe that they created a massive money printing scheme cryptically called "Quantitative Easing"since QE1 converted almost worthless mortgage backed securities into currency. The Fed regularly issues statements about how inflation isn't really as bad as everyone says it … [Read more...]

Annual Inflation Down in February

Inflation Chart

Current Inflation Commentary- The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the Annual Inflation rate today. For the year ending in February, inflation was 1.13% down roughly 1/3rd from 1.58% for the year ending in January. Monthly inflation was relatively high at 0.37% in January and the same again in February. This is consistent with the historical trend of low inflation in the 4th quarter and high inflation in the first quarter of the year. Click for larger image The Consumer Price Index came in at 234.781 in February which was  (more…) … [Read more...]

What is the Misery Index?

The misery index was created by economists in an effort to quantify how bad the economy is based on cold hard numbers. In many ways, it can be argued that suffering is not quantifiable, after all how do you measure the pain associated with starvation, sickness, disease, homelessness, war, lawlessness and all the evils of society?  But in economic terms economist Arthur Okun developed a simple but brilliant method of determining how miserable people were economically. The Misery Index and Unemployment The first component of the misery index is unemployment. Okun reasoned that if a lot of people were unemployed, that would make the country as a whole feel poorer and so they would be less … [Read more...]

U.K. Historical Price Converter Added

UK price conversion

This month as a service for our friends in the U.K. we have added a U.K. Historical Price Converter. This handy little calculator will tell you the equivalent value of any prices from 1751 to the present. It is based on the "Retail Prices Index" which was instituted in Great Britain in 1947 in an effort to determine how much the war was affecting prices. The data was later "backdated" to include prices back to 1751 by Jim O’Donoghue, Louise Goulding, and Grahame Allen in a paper entitled ‘Consumer Price Inflation Since 1750’. In it they state that, their article presents: "a composite price index covering the period since 1750 which can be used for analysis of consumer price … [Read more...]