Beat Inflation

With Unlimited Free Phone Calls -- Legally

At current inflation rates prices are going up over 3% every year! It is taking a toll on everyone's budget.

How much do you spend every month on Phone Bills? $50?   $100?

Would it help if... you could get free phone calls?

Well you can!

Free Phone Calls-- Legally

Back when I was in College some guys would tap into other people's lines or create "Black Boxes" to trick the phones into thinking coins had been dropped into the payphone but  if you ever got caught the consequences were serious.

Today there is a much easier and perfectly legal way to get free phone calls. All you need is a high-speed internet connection! And no you don't need special software or even a computer. Calls are made through your regular phone handset.  But rather than traveling across ordinary phone lines the call is routed across the internet (for free) and then jumps off and goes the "last mile" over the ordinary local phone line so it rings just like an ordinary phone call.

If you already have a high-speed Internet connection you can save a bundle and make calls for almost nothing.

For a while now people have been using their computers to make calls over the internet but that wasn't really very convenient. You have to start up your computer, use special equipment, etc. etc. And the other person had to have the same set up.

But Vonage has come up with a solution that is much better. Just plug a box into your Cable Modem box or ADSL modem and voila you can call almost anyone in the world for free! (Some countries do have minor charges for using the "last mile" so you might want to check on that before making International calls.)

I've been using Vonage for about a year now and I love it. I get caller ID, call waiting, Voicemail, and all the other premium services included for no additional charge!

In addition to the ordinary way, I can even check on my voicemail from my computer!

 And the best part is that it only costs me $24.95 a month. Unlimited calls plus all the premium features for $24.95 isn't bad!

Most people can even keep their old phone number or even choose a second number with a different area code.  So if you have friends or relatives that live far away they can call a local number and call you for free too!

They even have a deal where if you tell your friends and if they sign up you can get an additional two free months. So if you tell enough people you can end up with really Free phone service not just unlimited free phone calls.

If $24.95 is still too much for you and you don't want to tell your friends, they also have a deal that has 500 minutes and a few less features for only $14.95 a month. Once you sign up for Vonage you can eliminate your local provider (which will probably save you enough to cover the Vonage cost) and then all your local and long distance calls are free. This could easily save you $50 a month in phone charges. 

 If you're anything like me you will absolutely love it! I've created a link to make it easy for you.

Check out Vonage here

If you don't have High Speed Internet Access...

You can still save a bundle on phone service...

through the use of various Phone Cards. Worldwide phone cards have become quite popular. In China for instance vending machines are popping up everywhere that allow you to recharge your phone card. Here in the US you can buy phone cards at almost every convenience store, Wal-Mart and grocery store.

But are these cards a good deal? Often they advertise low rates but you are never sure what all the fees are. I am always a little skeptical about just grabbing a phone card in the store because I really don't have time to figure out all the possible fees while standing there in line.

In doing a little research I found a company called that sells phone cards on line. They have a variety of different looks and price structures depending on where you call most and how often. At least if you buy on line you have the opportunity to look over the terms and be sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

The various fees and services that you should be aware of are:

Fortunately spells out all of these details for each and every card they offer and they sure offer a bunch of them!

I wasn't able to count all the different cards they have because there are several different plans for each country you call. So if you call the UK a lot there is a card just for you.  If you call China or Italy  or Canada you can get a card that will let you call for about 1 cent per minute but it may have higher connection fees or rounding or whatever.

Of course you can call just within the Continental US if you prefer... and there are cards for that too.  But by comparing all the features of the various cards you can find the one that is best for you. So if you want to save using calling Cards, I highly recommend that you Check out the phone cards at

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