Beat Inflation

Save 5% (or more) on Gas, Food and Drugs

At current inflation rates Gas prices are going up 10 cents a day in some places! It is taking a toll on everyone's budget.

But would it help if... every month someone sent you a check for 5% or 10%?

Would you like to open your mailbox and find a rebate for 5% of what you spent on budget busters like gas, groceries and Pharmacy items?

... Instead of being 3% behind at the end of the year you would actually be 2% ahead.

A nice dream right? But who's crazy enough to refund 5% of all those purchases?

Well, crazy or not... I found a way that you can do it. Are you interested?

Imagine pulling up to the pump and smiling (a little) knowing that at least you can knock 5% off those high prices!

Or knowing you are saving 5% on groceries...

Or 5% on those expensive prescriptions and hair products and everything else at the drug store.

It's almost like being a member of an exclusive club that lets you flash your card and knock 5% off the price.

What's this crazy secret I found?

It's simple really... just make your purchases using your Cash Back Credit card and get money back on all the important items like gas, food and prescriptions.

The good news is that there are cards for almost everyone and you don't have to do a bunch of nasty paperwork to get the rebate (it's automatic).

So how does it work? Each of the following cards works a bit differently but the end result is that you save up to 10% on Gas  (not bad Eh?) I've created links to make it easy for you. Just Choose the one that is best for you and click the card for further details. You can even apply for more than one.  (Use Chase for groceries and drugs and a different one for gas ).

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