How Do I Calculate Cost based upon inflation?

See our Article How Do I Calculate the Inflation Rate? or If you don't care about the mechanics and just want the answer, use our Inflation Calculator. Once you know the percentage of inflation you can multiply that percentage by a dollar amount from the original time period to determine how much the item would cost in the resulting time period.

Where Do I find Inflation rates for other countries?

Unfortunately, we only track U.S. inflation rates. All our information is generated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There should be a corresponding agency for other countries that you can contact.  Canadian Inflation Rates are also available from the Bank of Canada.    Others: New Zealand, Indonesia, Norway, Italy (Italian)  (English translation) Spain, Portugal, Chile Spanish, (English translation), Uruguay Spanish, (English Translation), Mozambique Portuguese, (English Translation), Japanese Consumer Price Index, France Consumer Price Index, In addition we have compiled a page of links to over 80 other countries 

Where do I find Inflation rates by year?

It is available on our Historical Inflation Page  with each months' annual percentage rate. The rate for the whole year is called the AVE.

I want to know how a financial manager's position/job performance changes when the rate of inflation increases.

As inflation increases a financial manager generally must become more aggressive in finding investments that outpace inflation. If inflation is at 3.5% and your investments produce 5% your real rate of return is 1.5% however, if inflation is 6% and your return is 5% your real rate of return is a minus 1%. As inflation gets above 10% people generally begin to lose faith in the currency and seek alternatives such as another countries currency or physical assets like Real Estate or Gold.

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