Beat The High Price of Gas: Save 5 -10%

Gas has been up as much as 100% this year! It is taking a toll on everyone's budget.

Cutting the cost by 10% won't solve the problem but it will certainly help.

Imagine that every month you could open your mailbox and find a rebate for 10% of what you spent on gas? At current prices that might be a nice chunk of change!


It's simple really... just make your purchases using one of the cards below and get 5 to 10% back (depending on the card).

A couple of cards also give rebates on food and Pharmacy items.

The good news is that there are cards for almost everyone and you don't have to do a bunch of nasty paperwork to get the rebate (it's automatic).

So how does it work? Each of the following cards works a bit differently but the end result is that you save up to 10% on Gas  (not bad Eh?) Of course to be able to hold onto your savings you should pay off your credit cards every month.

I've tracked down several excellent offers and created links to make it easy for you. Just Choose the one that is best for you and click the card for further details. (You can apply for more than one).


Discover® GAS


(Use at any Gas Station)


5% Cash back on Gas Purchases
Cash back on other Purchases (see site for details)
0% Intro APR--  Cash Rewards Never Expire
No Annual Fee- 
$0 fraud liability
FREE Additional Cards
Platinum Benefits
Apply for the Discover® Platinum Gas Card Here

Amex Blue Cash


Up to 5% Cash back on Purchases depending on Annual Purchase level
0% Introductory APR
No Annual Fee

Marathon Card


10% Cash back on Marathon purchases Only
for first 6O days 5% thereafter.

1% Cash back on ALL other purchase lifetime.

0% Introductory APR

No Annual Fee- 

Hess Card


10% Cash back on Hess purchases Only
for first 90 days 5% thereafter.
1% Cash back on ALL other purchase lifetime.

0% Introductory APR

No Annual Fee

Speedway Gas


8% Cash back on Speedway purchases first 60 days
4% thereafter.
4% Cash back on Speedway purchases after 60 days.
0% Introductory APR
No Annual Fee
Terms change frequently, please read the card's application site carefully.

 Too much Credit card debt? Read this article on How to save $1000 a year on interest and pay off your cards faster.

Beat Inflation: With Unlimited Free phone calls- Legally

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