U.S. Foreign Exchange and The Chinese Currency Exchange Rate

U.S. Foreign Exchange

U.S. Foreign Exchange The number of international corporations and financial professionals that follow the ever-changing ratio of U.S. dollars to Chinese Yuan has increased and expanded beyond its borders. This is an indication of just how critical the trade relationship that binds the world's two largest economies has become. Although the relationship between the United States, Canada and Mexico continues to be even more robust than the Sino-American arrangement, the consumer economy of the United States is heavily dependent upon smooth flows of goods from the workshops of China to the Pacific ports of California and Washington State. In many ways, the continued harmonious economic … [Read more...]

Why (and How) China is Boosting the Price of Gold

China's Foreign Reserves

The History of Gold Prices (and How We Got Here) To get the full picture of the current price of gold we have to look back nearly 100 years. In the 1800's and early 1900's gold played a key role in international monetary transactions. The gold standard was used to back currencies. Each country determined a fixed exchange rates for its currency, i.e. how many ounces of gold each unit of currency was worth. Trade imbalances (importing more than they exported or vice versa) could rectified via the exchange of gold reserves. A country with a deficit would have to ship gold to the country with an excess. Any country experiencing inflation would lose gold and therefore would have a decrease in … [Read more...]