Inflation Flat for October


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Inflation rate for the month of October today. Annual inflation remained steady at 1.66% even though prices fell from the month previous (i.e. monthly inflation was -0.25%). However, since monthly inflation was -0.26% in October 2013 annual inflation rates remained virtually identical as October 2013 was replaced by October 2014 in the calculations. The FED has stated that it's goal is to maintain inflation at a steady 2%. But as we can see from the chart they have rarely achieved that  goal. If the goal was to remain below 2% we could say they have done very well since 2012 however during that time-period the FED has been fearing deflation … [Read more...]

Australian Banks Rated As Low Risk

Australian Banks

Australian Banks and Economic Environment Positive In a world analysis Australian banks have been found to pose a low degree of risk to the global financial system. According to Dr Robert Engle, the 2003 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics and a professor of finance at Stern School of Business at New York University, the Australian banking system is robust and capitalized enough to endure another financial crisis. He said the economic environment was positive from an Australian perspective and that the liquidity measures that had been implemented were proving to be effective. The comments were made as part of Dr Engle’s presentation on systemic risk within the worldwide financial … [Read more...]

Recruiters Cost Cutting Strategies

Australian Job Market According to a recent report published by, the Australian job market, albeit relatively secure for the time being, does have its sore spots. There are numerous types of employment, which, due to the altering economic landscape and shifts caused by the global recession, globalization and the spread of outsourcing and offshoring, are simply not safe anymore. Read on to learn what those unsafe job sectors are, to figure out what recruiters are looking for, in these trying times and to find out about possible strategies employed by companies which are recruiting on a tight budget. Travel. Travel has come to be regarded as a luxury, during a time when the … [Read more...]

The Doom of Wired Telecom

Advances in technology bring many changes to the business world, and certain industries that were once considered viable are now industries that should be avoided at all costs. One industry that is expected to shrink the most dramatically is the wired telecommunications carrier industry. This industry has been rapidly shrinking in response to the increasing widespread use of cell phones and online forms of communication. The need for wired communications has become so low that 25 percent of all households do not even own a land line phone. Some even predict that by 2025, land line phones will completely disappear. … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Finances for 2012

Looking ahead to a new year and planning for the future It's hard to believe that 2011 has passed so quickly and that 2012 will soon be here. Now is a good time to look back over the past year and assess your finances. Did your choices this year put you in better or worse circumstances? Do you have the information needed to make wise decisions in the next year? Are you prepared to protect your financial future? The following excerpt from Conquer the Crash explains the importance of preparing and taking action now so that you'll be ready for what's ahead. You can read 8 more chapters from Conquer the Crash -- 42 pages of critical information, including a list of imperative "dos and … [Read more...]

The US’s Education Bubble

By Doug Hornig and Alex Daley, Casey Research In the world of finance, there is always talk of bubbles – mortgage bubbles, tech stock bubbles, junk bond bubbles. But bubbles don’t develop only in financial markets. In recent years, there's been another one quietly inflating, not capturing the attention of most observers. It's an education bubble – just not the one of student debt that has graced the pages of the New York Times and so many other publications in recent months. The problem is not that we are overeducating ourselves as many would have you believe. Rather, it’s that we are spending a fortune to undereducate ourselves. The United States has always been a very educated … [Read more...]

Money Essentials for These ChaoticTimes

Trying times are upon us. There are a few essentials you absolutely must understand if you are going to thrive or at least survive financially over the next few years. If you want serious money, you have to get serious about money. You need to understand these fundamentals and never forget them. Here are the  fundamentals: Liquidate, Consolidate, Create and Speculate. The key to becoming wealthy is simple to state but totally incomprehensible to modern society. Simply produce more than you consume and save the difference. But we are taught that consumption is the goal. He who dies with the most toys wins... Consumption is the good that will save our country. But is it true or is … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Inflation Data Blog

With the Web 2.0 revolution everyone enjoys responding to articles and being able to share good articles with friends and other sites. But  we have been a bit behind the curve because of the way our databases are hosted on so adding a blog has been impossible… up until now! But we have wanted to be able to get your feedback for a while now so we have created another site to allow us to provide more articles quicker in a Blog format and it is right here on We would love to have your feedback on articles and suggestions for how we can improve this site.  It is just in its infancy so be gentle with us as we get up to speed.  All we ask is that you … [Read more...]