Understanding the FED

Protect yourself from the common and misleading myths about the U.S. Federal Reserve

Over the years, occasionally  I have received comments from subscribers about the SHAM of the FED and how U.S. Taxpayers are being swindled.  And although I knew the truth of it, I was unable to shed any new light on the subject. Today our friends at Elliottwave have provided a new resource that will teach you everything you wanted to know – plus some things you might wish you didn’t – about the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.


Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Federal Reserve Bank has been a secret, quasi-government agency. It’s time to pull back the curtain on the Federal Reserve system. In this revealing ebook, you’ll learn how the Federal Reserve controls the money supply, you’ll pin-point a few critical points in Federal Reserve history, and you’ll uncover several important myths and misconceptions, like who owns the Federal Reserve Bank.

In this eye-opening report you’ll learn not only the mechanizations of the FED but also the real motivations for being the United States’ “lender of last resort.”

You’ll learn:

  • Telling insights into past and present-day Federal Reserve history.
  • How the Federal Reserve Bank manufactures money.
  • How the Federal Reserve system encourages the growth of credit — and why that’s deflationary.
  • What gives the Federal Reserve Bank the authority to bail out troubled institutions.
  • The difference between creating money and facilitating credit in the U.S. Federal Reserve system.
  • Whether the Federal Reserve Bank can manipulate the stock market or economy.
  • How the Federal Reserve Bank is ignoring historical lessons about central banks.
  • How the Federal Reserve Bank’s actions, combined with public outrage, may ultimately lead to its demise.
  • Plus much more about the Federal Reserve Bank, its secret activities and your money.


As a U.S. taxpayer, you deserve to know the truth about the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. Download this FREE 34-page ebook now – take this important step toward understanding the Federal Reserve system.

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